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Young Judea Vermont

Where kids develop leadership skills, a strong Jewish identity, a relationship with Israel, a commitment to making the world a better place, and cultivate friendships with other Jewish youth  that last a lifetime.  

We are a friendly and welcoming  Jewish youth group serving Jewish youth from around the state not matter their level of devotion or synagogue affiliation. We welcome Jewish youth of all backgrounds including Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist and unaffiliated.  Our Vermont club involves kids from all of these communities, and geographically from Middlebury to Montpelier to St. Albans and beyond. In order for all to be comfortable, our programs are planned in accordance with the laws of kashrut and Shabbat. 

We have three local YJ clubs; Ofarim (grades 2-4), Tsofim (grades 5 -7), and Bogrim (grades 8-12). Our Bogrim club holds monthly activities and our Ofarim and Tsofim clubs have 4 or 5 seasonal activities.  We strive to make all our events exciting, fun, and educational taking into account the five pillars of Young Judaea which are Zionism, social action, Jewish identity, pluralism and peer leadership. Please check our website at www.YJVT.org and  contact Francine Pomerantz at [email protected], (802) 434-3443 for more questions or more information. 



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PJ OurWay

PJ OurWay

What is PJ Our Way?



PJ Our Way offers the gift of exceptional books with Jewish themes to kids ages 8½-11 – books that they choose themselves!
Monthly Choice

Every month, from the 1st – 10th, kids visit this website to choose a book from a selection of four high-quality titles that have been reviewed by a panel of PJ educators, parents, and kids. That's 12 free books a year! To make the choice easier, every title offered comes with a synopsis and author bios, ratings and reviews, and video trailers. Kids can also take polls and quizzes, participate in monthly interviews and challenges, and comment on blog posts.
Parent Input

On the Parent Blog, parents are invited to read about each book and find suggestions for family conversations. These blog posts give parents tools to help children make book choices that are appropriate for them.
A Safe Website

The PJ Our Way website is a safe place where kids can choose books, write reviews, and share ideas with others from around the country. All content on the website is moderated by PJ educators.
Design Team

Every fall, members of PJ Our Way may apply to be part of our national Design Team. Design Team members have early access to PJ Our Way books and create videos and reviews for the website. To become more involved with writing reviews and blogs, connect with us at [email protected]
Book Selection
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