See the Light, Be the Light

       I was moved by the theme of unity so beautifully portrayed throughout inauguration day Wednesday. As much as this is an ideal for the US, it seems to be the motivating principle behind JCVT and our role in sharing, celebrating and supporting the diversity of Jewish life in Vermont. 
      In my short time as JCVT director, I’ve been honored to speak with many Vermont Jewish leaders, mostly clergy, who convey their deep belief in welcoming Jewish life in whatever way is meaningful for each individual. Even these religious leaders recognize that many Jews may never feel comfortable going to synagogue yet honor Jewish identity that manifests itself in other ways, often far from a house of worship. In fact, congregations throughout Vermont actively organize programs and activities designed for the broader community such as book talks, cultural events, outdoor experiences, or social action to help Jews of all types to feel connected.
     I hope JCVT can be a vehicle to celebrate Jewish life “the Vermont way”–welcoming all, valuing diversity, and promoting unity so we can shine our light to model what can be best about our state and our nation. 

With hope for the year ahead,
Rick Gordon, Executive Director

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