Rabbi Jan Salzman

Rabbi Jan Salzman founder of Congregation Ruach haMaqom in Burlington received smicha (ordination) through ALEPH, a seminary of Jewish Renewal, which is a non-denominational and neo-chassidic movement. She has lived in Vermont since 1978. Rabbi Jan Salzman was ordained in 2010 by ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal. She served as the Assistant Rabbi and Cantor for 6 years at Ohavi Zedek Synagogue in Burlington, Vermont. She was blessed to have been a student of Reb Zalman. She serves in the capacity of Treasurer on the Board of OHALAH, an international professional Association of Renewal Rabbis, Cantors and Rabbinic Pastors. She is on the board of Living Tree Alliance located in Moretown, Vermont, which is an ecologically-oriented community that offers co-housing, farming, and educational opportunities. She has lived in Vermont for over 35 years, is married to her rebbitzmon, Loredo Sola, and has two grown children and a grandchild. She can be reached at (802) 356-1668.