Rabbi David Edelson

Rabbi David Edelson believes Judaism must be joyful, inclusive, and flexible in finding ways to make our tradition vibrant and alive for the next generation. David was ordained by Hebrew Union College in 1990, where he successfully fought for the ordination of LGBT rabbis in the Reform movement, and where he won awards in Jewish philosophy, Jewish Music, Modern Hebrew Literature, and Homiletics.

Prior to seminary, David had worked as a teacher at the Kiryat Moriah Education Center in Jerusalem, teaching student leaders from all over the English-speaking world about Judaism and Israel. David served as the rabbi for the Hebrew Association of the Deaf for 25 years, leading services in ASL and adapting services to be participatory and inclusive for hearing and deaf. While serving as a rabbi, David also worked as a leader at several social service agencies, including Vermont CARES, the AIDS service and advocacy agency in Vermont. He was awarded his Doctor of Divinity in 2015. In addition to his work as a rabbi, he has taught courses in literature and religion at the Community College of Vermont, and Middlebury College, where he served as a dean for eight years. David grew up in rural Georgia where he met Tim in ninth grade; they now live with their poodles in a “hippie house” they built by hand in Lincoln. He can be reached at rabbi@templesinaivt.org.