Apply at ed@jcvt.org with resume and cover letter

Organization Mission and Strategy (cannot be delegated)

The ED works with staff and Board to ensure that the mission of JCVT is fulfilled through strategic planning, program planning and promotion of network weaving.

ED promotes a vision of an inclusive and active Jewish community. ED helps member organizations understand and implement this vision.

ED empowers constituent organizational leadership to re-envision their work and bring fresh ideas to their community. 

Important Temperament and Skills (1-5 scale)

Community Builder/Network Weaver 5

Fund raising skills 5

Strong Interpersonal Skills 5

Unbiased/Inclusive 5

Entrepreneurial/Risk-taker 5

Ability to Imagine/Reimagine 5

Ability to Sell a Vision 5

Stamina 5

Independent Thinker 5

Previous Involvement in Jewish Communal Life 4

Already living in Vermont or with Sensitivity to Rural Communities 3

Communications  (some tasks may be delegated)

The ED disseminates information about JCVT through social media, email and in-person contacts. ED promotes the role of JCVT statewide and regionally by an active online presence and an active in person programs.

Weekly e mail to JCVT members and a website is maintained.

Finance and Administration (some tasks may be delegated)

ED supervises all administrative aspects of JCVT. This includes bookkeeping and all tax filing to maintain tax exempt status. The current staff includes: a ¾ time manager for PJ Library, a 6 hour-a-week Assistant and 2 Interns working 7-10 hours a week. Supervision takes approximately 4-5 hours a week of ED’s time.

All maintenance of hardware and software is handled by the ED.

Fundraising (some tasks may be delegated)

The ED works with the Board to ensure that JCVT is financially viable through ongoing fundraising and grant-writing.  

ED maintains existing donor relationships and pursues new donor opportunities through meetings and other direct contacts.

ED produces 3 fund-raising mailings per year.

ED searches and writes grant applications.

Programs (tasks may be delegated)

ED supervises the PJ Library in VT* program and its director, Rabbi Tobie Weisman.

* JCVT is the implementing partner for PJ Library (a project of the Grinspoon Foundation) in Vermont. The cost of the PJ Library in Vermont program is about $60,000 each year, shared between the Foundation and local fundraising. JCVT/PJ sends 500+ books to Jewish Vermont children each month and provide programs to families raising Jewish children.