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About the Harold Grinspoon Foundation

PJ Library in Vermont is affiliated with Jewish Communities of Vermont as an Implementing Partner. Please consider sponsoring one or more of the nearly 500 Vermont children receiving PJ Library Books. It costs us, here in Vermont, $120 per child per year. This investment in a Jewish future is paid for entirely by Jewish Vermonters like you! Your donation is made to JCVT but be assured that every dollar will go toward providing the gift of PJ Library books and programs to Vermont children. Please indicate that this donation is for PJ Library in Vermont.

What is PJ Library?

PJ Library, a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, sends out more than 100,000 gifts of free Jewish books and music each month to children and their families across North America. PJ Library titles are carefully selected by early childhood educators and children’s literature experts.

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Why PJ Library?

We don’t need to tell you that reading to your children is important. Study after study has shown it impacts a child’s development. Even the mere presence of books in a home increases the level of education they can reach. (Great news for those of us who haven’t gotten around to cleaning out the playroom in a while.)

The 2013 PJ Library impact study “The People of the Book: An Evaluation of the PJ Library Program” is the largest known study of North American families raising Jewish children. The study surveyed more than 20,000 families. Some of the findings:

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PJ Library is transformational

  • 85% report that they discuss Jewish concepts or values from PJ Library books as a family. 
  • 73% say PJ Library creates opportunities for their children to ask questions about being Jewish.
  • 58% say that PJ Library influenced their decision to build upon or add a Jewish tradition to their home life. 
  • 62% report that PJ Library has increased their family’s positive feelings about being Jewish.

PJ Library sparks connections between families and the greater Jewish community.

  • 67% of families cite PJ Library as helping them feel more connected to their local Jewish communities.
  • 89% of PJ Library community partners report they are more focused on outreach to families raising Jewish children since launching PJ Library. 
  • 80% of PJ Library families say they are now attending local Jewish community events, an increase from 21% three years ago.

PJ Library in Vermont

PJ Library in Vermont is provided by Jewish Communities of Vermont and local funders. Many generous individuals and synagogues throughout Vermont are participating in funding this program so that families may receive PJ Library books as a monthly gift.