Ohavi Zedek Chavurah

Contact- chavurah@ohavizedek.org or (802) 385-1039

Mission Statement- Encouraging non-denominational, unaffiliated Jewish social experiences designed to create welcoming experiences for those curious about but not necessarily experienced with Jewish ritual.

Organization Description- The Chavurah program organizes social experiences with varying focuses to expose people to unique Jewish perspective, teachings and creative ritual that encourage personal reflection, community building and religious renewal.

A great place to explore, reinvigorate your experiences of Judaism and meet new people. Our chavurah themes are: Green Chavurah (Outdoors), Renewal Chavurah( spiritual based celebrations), New family Chavurah (families with new babies), Arts and Culture Chavurah

The present schedule can be accessed through the Ohavi Zedek website or by emailing chavurah@ohavizedek.org

Administrator- Melanie Kessler chavurah@ohavizedek.org

No membership required!