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Brittany Pfau's Experience Having a Grandpa as a Holocaust Survivor!

   This week I interviewed one of my best friends from Long Island, Brittany Pfau. The reason I thought it would be extra interesting to talk to Britt about her Jewish Experience is because her grandfather was actually in the Holocaust. I always wondered why Brittany’s mom was so persistent about her ending up with a Jewish boy. I found out a huge part of this is Brittany’s mom wanting to continue her father’s legacy and continue to expand the Jewish culture through her family. 

Sharon Silverman's Jewish Experience

   This week I was lucky enough to meet with the lovely Sharon Silverman. As many of you may already know, Sharon is the assistant director of Hillel at the University of Vermont. Sharon was born in Pittsburgh, but grew up in Northeast Philly. She attended Jewish preschool, Kindergarten and after school programs, and then went on to continuing in public school. She was surrounded by many Jews, and while having most of her family near by, she was mixed in with the Jewish culture very adequately.

My Experience Growing Up as an Honorary Jew

    Growing up as a shiksa on Long Island, I've been constantly surrounded and immersed into the Jewish culture. Since I was young, my friends were always going on and on about Hebrew school and sleepaway camp, while I was attending religion and begging my mom to let me go away during the summer for a short two weeks. It was definitely confusing for me to grasp the idea that being Jewish wasn't the majority in the world.
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